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Survey Response - Preamble

Atlantis Yacht Club Membership Process

AYC is a private member only club and requires formal application for membership

Process for membership:

  1. Submit a membership inquiry by filling out the provided online form on the next page.
  2. The Membership Committee Chair (or designee) will contact you to discuss your interest in membership.
  3. The Membership Committee Chair may provide an application form for you to fil out to initiate the formal application process. Please fill out this form and submit to the Chair of the Membership Committee along with the required application fee.
  4. The Membership Committee Chair will contact to you schedule an in person (or video conference) interview with our Membership Committee. The Membership Committee is made up of a cross section of our regular members.
  5. Once the interview is completed, the Membership Committee will review your application and make their recommendations to the Board of Governors as to the disposition of your application. You will be notified by the Membership Committee Chair on the status of your application and next steps.
  6. Should the recommendation from the committee be in favor of offering membership, then a 10 day notice is sent to the entire membership to provide a comment period on your application. After the 10 day period has expired, a Board of Governors meeting will be scheduled to review your application, recommendation from the Membership Committee and any input provided as part of the 10 day notice provided to the membership.
  7. You will be notified when the next Board of Governors meeting is scheduled so that you are aware of when you can expect to get a final determination on your application.
  8. After the Board of Governors has reviewed your application, they will vote to decide whether to offer you an invitation to join AYC as an associate member for the current calendar year. As an associate member your membership will be reviewed on annual basis and the BOG will vote on whether to renew your membership for the following year. This process will happen for a minimum of your fist two full years at the club. Once you have been an associate member for a minimum of two years, then you will be reviewed by membership and may be offered an invitation to become a regular member. The terms and conditions of regular membership will be discussed with you at that time.

Phone: 732-222-9693

66 River Avenue

Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750

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